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Congratulations to former Canasta member Jeff Leverenz, whose new endeavor, Kitchen Chicago (a shared-use kitchen he started with his partner Alexis Frankfort) has received plenty of positive press lately. It's a great space, and we all wish him lots of continued success.

Some unfortunate news: earlier this month, John's car was stolen, along with two of his keyboards, his clarinet, and Matt's trombone, which were in the trunk. Luckily, the car was recovered but without any of the instruments inside. Unless they miraculously turn up in the next couple of weeks, expect to see some new gear on hand for our upcoming CD release show! (Of course, there's always hope: Sonic Youth just had two guitars stolen from them six years ago returned.)

Our friend Edith Frost, who sings on We Were Set Up, also has a new record coming out soon. It's a Game will be released on Drag City next month, with a record release at the Hothouse on Saturday, November 19. (That's a day after our show!) Download the starkly pretty "Emergency" while it's still available online.

Lastly, for out-of-town fans, our new record We Were Set Up is still available on pre-order for only $10! Of course, Chicagoans can get it for the first time at Subterranean on Friday, November 18.