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Reviews of We Were Set Up are starting to roll in. The Onion says the album "brims with bright, lush melodies, a suitably askew mix of instruments … and smartly constructed songs that balance traditional pop and indie-minded subversiveness. … it begs for the attention of a big label." Meanwhile, UR Magazine says we're "one of the most vibrant pop sounds to emerge from Chicago in years," and Flavorpill adds that we're "one of Chicago's sweetest songsmith-indebted rock bands." The Chicago Reader echoes all of these sentiments, claiming we're "one of Chicago's best pop bands" and that we "work a melody the way a metal band works a riff, as both a signature and a weapon." Hooray! You can hear us battle for pop glory this Saturday at the Empty Bottle, or on our upcoming mini-tour through Detroit, New York, Pittsburgh, and Milwaukee.