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After three months, we're finally wrapping up the recording for our debut album, We Were Set Up. Over the last couple of weeks we have been working with several guest musicians, whose contributions we're thrilled to have on the record: cellist Alison Chesley (Poi Dog Pondering, ex-Verbow), guitarist Ted Cho (ex-Poi Dog Pondering, ex-Satellite 66), trumpeter Dave Max Crawford (Poi Dog Pondering, The Sea and Cake), pedal-steel guitarist Steve Dorocke (Can.Ky.Ree, Central Falls), vocalist Edith Frost, and upright bassist Barry Phipps (The Coctails). Although the record won't officially be released until October, if you come to our next show (August 20 at the Beat Kitchen), you'll be able to hear a sneak preview, as the finished record will be played in between sets. It'll be great!