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We've finished the bulk of recording for our upcoming album. We emerge from the studio exhausted but happy. Of course there have been a few bumps and snags along the way, both in the studio (Megan's keyboard went on strike) and out (Matt's emergency appendectomy two weeks ago!). We've come to realize that recording an album is an unpredictable adventure. As engineer Ted Cho likes to remind us, often the most creative parts of a session come from the accidental and unscripted moments. There's still some work to do (trumpets! more trumpets!) but we're getting very close. We can't wait to share this album with all of you!

And by the way, Matt is feeling much better.

A few more items of note. We put up some new photos from our Metro show last February and our last Schubas show in April. Also we got a write-up in the "Local Heroes" column of the Chicago Tribune today. Check it out.