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In less than three weeks, we’re headed to Wall2Wall Recording to start tracking the new album. It’s hard to believe, but not impossible, so start letting it sink in. Feels good, right? The band paid a visit to the studio last week to be test subjects for a sound engineering class at Columbia, so we’ve whetted our appetites for tricked out upright pianos, Leslie speakers, old-timey organs, and a plethora of guitar amps. Elizabeth is bringing extra layers for an isolation booth that is apparently chilly and resembles a zoo habitat for urban professionals, if we could in fact keep urban professionals in the zoo.

By now you may have surmised that, since these songs are ready to record, they have pushed their way into our set rotation. If you made it out to our recent Empty Bottle or Schubas shows, you got a preview of what our post-industrial rehearsal space has inspired us to create. If you haven’t, you can still lay your ears on these songs this month. We’ll be playing at "Green Festival" on U of C’s campus on April 24th, and on April 26th we are playing an abundant two hours worth of music at Simon’s in Andersonville, which will also include some old favorites from the archives that the long-time Canasta fans will recognize.

Speaking of old favorites, you can now hear them on your cell phone every time someone calls you and you've forgotten to set your phone to vibrate. Canasta’s free ringtones are available for download, absolutely free, at our page, and will make you a little less embarrassed when your phone rings loudly in public areas. Who doesn't want to hear “Slow Down Chicago” coming out of your phone? You can also make your own custom ringtones at Myxer if you are unsatisifed with the selection of tunes we've put up there for you and your gadgets. But hopefully we've satisfied you. We try so hard.