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Now that President Obama has started solving every problem in our country, Canasta has been able to turn our attention back to writing kick–ass new orchestral pop to play in 2009. If you would like to hear it, we will actually be playing them in public, with our various instruments and voices amplified to a volume at which you can hear them. How crazy is that? Apparently, lots of bands are doing these “shows” now. All you have to do is show up at the right place and time and you will be able to hear these new songs. This will happen, for instance, if you show up at Darkroom on February 11th at 9pm, or at Schubas on March 29th at 9pm.

“But Canasta,” you ask, “Where did all of these songs come from?” Back in January we moved to a secret bunker in the western suburbs of Chicago for four days. What happened there is secret, but the end results were (a) a broken shower and (b) new songs, so we think you can fill the rest in with your imaginations.

Other than our progress on new material, the only news of note is that we’ve moved into a new rehearsal space, which we’re sharing with our buddies Brighton, MA (and apparently, to some degree, the insanely heavy stoner rock band next door). So that’s putting an interesting – and shall we say, louder – spin on the new tunes. It’s also in a creepy, dimly–lit warehouse district on Chicago’s west side, so don’t be surprised if these songs turn out a little darker than the last batch. All I’m saying is I’m just saying.