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Ever dreamt of seeing Matthew Broderick and Alan Alda walk in slow–motion to a Canasta song? Well, your dreams have become reality! IFC Films is just about to release their new movie, Diminished Capacity, and about halfway though the trailer, “Slow Down Chicago” comes crashing in! Most of the story takes place here in Chicago, so the song sounds more or less right at home. The picture also stars Virginia Madsen, Dylan Baker, Bobby Cannavale and Louis C.K. and opens in both Chicago and NYC on July 4th. Check it:

  Diminished Capacity poster


It’s an age–old dilemma: during the summer, how do you find time to go to shows when you have to go to weddings every weekend? If you went to a wedding at Old St. Pat’s church last weekend, you could’ve strolled over to their World’s Largest Block Party, where we played a gigantic, outdoor–sized set with Pat Monahan of Train... yes, that Train. But if it’s your own wedding, why not rent out Schubas and bring in your favorite bands? Tomorrow, July 26th, Canasta is playing a free show at said venue with our friends Brighton, MA to celebrate two of our favorite fans exchanging vows. The show also marks the end of the long and venerable tenure of Mr. Colin Sheaff as Canasta’s drummer. Colin has been with Canasta since Day 1 and will be remembered fondly by blowing your rock–loving ears off tomorrow.

If you’ve been looking for summer reading, there’s a lot of newly available Canasta–related literature. Music critic Ned Raggett just wrote a review of We Were Set Up for All Music, the legendary guide to all things pop and rock, and in today’s papers, you’ll find a story on Canasta by the Chicago Tribune’s Andy Downing and an interview with the band by the Chicago Sun–Times’ Jim Derogatis. And, if it’s just too hot to read anything, you might catch Matt and Elizabeth on an upcoming episode of Chicago’s Expose TV, hosted by Susan Russell (when she’s not busy riding this motorcycle). Bring your laptop or TV to the beach and bone up on your Canasta trivia.