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First we mixed up our record, now we’re mixing up our members.

You’re going to see some changes on stage over the next couple of shows. In fact, if you saw our show at Beat Kitchen last month, you already saw a complete and total stranger standing next to Elizabeth behind the synthesizer. That would be Ian Wilson, who is taking over for John Cunningham. And behind the piano, where you usually see Josh Schnable under a baseball cap, you will start seeing a slightly taller fellow named Kyle Mann. Josh and Canasta alumni Megan O’Connor will be filling in at one or two more shows before the new lineup is full–time. After that, you’ll have to keep up with our extended family on our links page. You can also see what Kyle and Ian do outside of Canasta when they’re not busy learning all of our band nicknames and favorite movies.

Since nothing says “new member bonding” like a road trip, we’re driving up to Minneapolis on June 11th. While we’re there, we’ll be playing at the famous 7th Street Entry with our Milwaukee neighbors, The Trapper Schoepp Band, and Minneapolis ass–shakers The Battle Royale. Sounds like fun, right? You’re going to be sad if you miss it, aren’t you? That’s why we’re bringing The Battle Royale back to Chicago with us –– a few weeks later –– on June 24th at the Empty Bottle (also joined by Darling).

Finally, if you haven’t been out to a neighborhood festival yet this summer, you are wasting some precious outdoor–music–listening–weekends, if we may be so bold. Pizza Fest happens June 21st at the intersection of Fullerton and Racine, and we’ll be there!