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Orange leaves, hibernating bears, and 80 degree afternoons, there’s nothing like fall in Chicago. As the bears head for the caves, Canasta emerges from its writing cocoon to rock you like a tropical storm (cause hurricanes are sooooo 2005). After a productive writing retreat and many evenings in sweaty basements, we’re well on our way to completing the writing of the new album. Springtime should see the fruits of our labor ripen into a sweet CD in your frostbitten hands. Two of the newest songs popped up during Canasta’s well received CHIRP benefit at Double Door this past August and many more are on the way. Got you salivating yet? If not, how about an opening slot with Imperial Teen, featuring former Faith No More soundscapist Roddy Bottum this week? Their latest release is receiving rave reviews and has too much infectious pop to pass up.

Been missing Canasta outside of Chicago? Kalamazoo is the answer for you. Catch the former KZoo grads at the infamous Bell’s Brewery in mid October as they kick off Kalamazoo’s Class of ‘97 Reunion festivities. Bring along some extra cash and pick up the super exclusive Canasta t-shirt before they’re all gone. We’ve also got another great addition to our schedule, playing with ultra cool Eleventh Dream Day at SubT. Be sure to catch one of these great bills, as we will be going into hiding again to complete this album that we are so excited to finish and serve fresh. Cheers!