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The biggest news this month is also the saddest. After nearly five years of playing with Canasta, Megan O’Connor has called it quits. Her farewell show was our sold out Schubas gig last week with Annuals. She’s leaving the band to focus her efforts on so-called “social work.” Whatever… is there any greater gift one can give of oneself than rock n’ roll? OMG, I’m so kidding! We have no doubts that Megan will be a huge asset to those in need and she’ll be sorely missed by both the band and our listeners.

The silver lining, you ask? Charlie Williams of Mira Mira has opted to take her spot. And it just so happens that he rules. Look for him to make his debut this month. And onward we march!

Most likely to quit next? My money’s on Elizabeth Lindau… seeing as how she’s all famous and everything now. Or hadn’t you heard? Elizabeth was one of three guests last week on WTTW’s “Check, Please!”. She selected Mitsuwa Marketplace in Arlington Heights. Throughout the course of the program, I believe they referred to Elizabeth as a “rock star” on three separate occasions. Is it possible that she played up Canasta’s popularity a bit for the sake of the show? You bet your sweet petunias it is.

In other news, Canasta’s also been receiving some recent love courtesy of the fine folks at National Public Radio, on both “World Cafe” and “Open Mic”… which is really convenient, cuz we’re always listening to NPR anyway. So it’s been possible to bask in our own glory without ever even changing the radio station. Nice.

Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement on all sorts of crazy stuff, including new t-shirts (finally), the “Microphone Song” music video (say what?) and more tourdates. Thanks for listening. Love you like a milkshake.