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Another year has passed and we want to thank everyone for their support and enthusiasm this time around. We are very grateful!

New Canasta songs are on the way for 2007! We recently began work on a new batch of tunes that are further pushing the boundaries of the Canasta sound (we have a sound, right?). More pop, more chamber, and more “tambo” hopefully, ’cause I don’t think we have a cowbell…

In order to start fresh and brainstorm on new ideas, we took some time off and retreated to a small cottage in Indiana. The salmon and seafoam colored rooms, creepy shed in the backyard, and “evidence” of mice made it a very, um… inspiring place to write music. It was perfect. We left with plenty of song nuggets: chord progressions, melodies, and lyrics that will eventually become Canasta songs. So, we’re chipping away… the next album is starting to take shape. We’ll keep you all posted. Happy 2007 everyone — we’ll see you soon!