CANASTA - This Thurs. 7/25 (Free!) @ "Argyle Night Market"

(sent on 2013-07-22)

Dear Canasta -
You are my favorite living band on the planet (Geggy Tah, R.I.P.). But due to my incredibly busy schedule (and an irrational fear of establishments that serve club soda), I’ve never managed to see you live. In fact, between my five kids, four parakeets, three jobs, two blogs and a crippling eBay habit, I literally only get one two-hour timeslot a week - from 5:30 to 7:30 PM on Thursday - to cram in seven days’ worth of shopping, eating and rocking. For your info, I live in the heart of Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood, but I’m completely out of U.S. currency and can’t find the laces to any of my shoes… What can I do???
-- Signed, Up a Creek in Uptown

Dear Up a Creek -
I think we can help. Please see below…
-- Canasta

This Thursday, July 25th
“Argyle Night Market”
@ Sheridan Rd. & Argyle St.
(Chicago, IL)

plus an array of local farm stands, restaurants, retailers,
artists and live performers representing the neighborhood!

FREE! / All Ages / Market - 4 PM
Canasta (2 Sets) - 5:30 & 6:30 PM

Presented by Business Partners: The Chamber for Uptown,
The Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events,
Uptown United & Ald. Harry Osterman

Argyle Night Market

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