CANASTA - SYGC Benefit: Halloween @ Sub-T + "S.D.C." Music Video + Catholic Hymn MP3

(sent on 2009-10-20)

Hidey Ho!

1) BENEFIT FOR THE SYGC @ SUB-T // NEW DRUMMER - As most of you have probably heard by now, on 9/24, the members of The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir were involved in a serious auto accident, while on their way to the first date of their tour. The band are not only longtime friends of ours, but Matt also plays t-bone for them whenever he's able and would've been with them, had he not been scheduled to work at the last minute. So needless to say, this accident hit close to home for us, as it did for all the musicians around town who have shared the stage with The SYGC and spend a lot of time on the road, themselves. Halloween (Sat. 10/31) was meant to be the band's record release show at Subterranean, with Canasta as support. But since hospital stays, medical bills and the destruction of their van and instruments have since forced them to postpone all their plans, we've made the best of a rough situation and turned the show into a benefit for the band's Recovery Fund. Three other great artists will also be playing (see below) and some members The SYGC are likely to try a few tunes as well. It's only $10 and plus, it'll mark the first club appearance by Canasta's new drummer, Michael Riendeau. So even if you're cold-hearted and don't want to help fellow Chicagoans in need, at least come out to size up our new stickman... he's dead set on being so good, that you're confused as to which one of "the new guys" is "the newest guy." We'll play around 9:30 and it's going to be a Halloween Party as well, so we promise it won't be the downer this e-mail is turning out to be.

2) "SLOW DOWN CHICAGO" MUSIC VIDEO - As we hinted in our last announcement, Canasta recently put together a "Slow Down Chicago" music video, as an entry in The Chicago Public Library's "Sound Off" Contest. Truth be told, it was a bit of a last minute effort, but kudos to director Alex Mechlin (who also helmed the "Microphone Song" video) for managing to pull it all together under the gun. Although it was named a finalist in the competition, it didn't end up winning. But we think the video captures the spirit of the song nicely nonetheless. Sounds like maybe The Chicago Public Library needs a news flash... Hey CPL: rock n' roll doesn't always read as well as it sounds!!! (Although just between us, the winning song they chose actually does sound pretty good.)

3) HEAR OUR CATHOLIC HYMN RECORDING - This item was buried somewhat deeply in our last e-mail, so we thought it could use another mention (besides, our website stats page makes it clear that not many of you had a chance to check it out... ahem). It's a version of the traditional Catholic hymn "Praise to the Lord" and you can stream / download the song here. We recorded it for inclusion on a compilation of Windy City artists to benefit survivors of priestly abuse. The album, entitled Crosswalk: A Chicago Band Catholic Hymn Compilation, was finally just released and features The M's, Office, Midtstates and the aforementioned SYGC. There's more info here, including a list of places to pick up your own copy.

Thanks for reading and listening, everyone. Hope to see you on Halloween...

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Saturday, October 31st
@ Subterranean
(2001 W. North Ave. - Chicago, IL)

"A Halloween Party to Benefit
The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir"

Show - 8:30 PM // Canasta - 9:30 PM / $10 / 17+ / Tickets

On 9/24/09, The SYGC was involved in a serious auto accident,
so all proceeds from this show will benefit The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir Recovery Fund