CANASTA - Hear the NEW ALBUM: SAT. 8/20 @ BEAT KITCHEN (18 & Over)!!!

(sent on 2005-08-04)

Hello everyone,

Well, we're just about done with the album. We've spent the last few weeks recording vocals and working with some incredible guest musicians, namely: cellist Alison Chesley (Poi Dog Pondering, Verbow), trumpeter Dave Max Crawford (Poi Dog Pondering, The Sea and Cake), pedal-steel guitarist Steve Dorocke (Can.Ky.Ree, Central Falls), vocalist Edith Frost, and upright bassist Barry Phipps (The Coctails). So there's going to be lots of added treats you can look forward to.

We're also pleased to announce, for the first time, the album's title: We Were Set Up. Now, the record won't officially be released for another two months, because of printing and pressing -- HOWEVER, we'd like to invite you all to listen to an advanced copy in between sets at our next show: Saturday, August 20 at the Beat Kitchen.

The show is a one-year anniversary party for the local music website, created and maintained by our good friend Theresa Killebrew, and she's lined up some other great acts to perform on the bill: the band Penthouse Sweets, Matthew Kerstein of The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir and Eric Chial of The Bon Mots, plus another band still to be named. We'll be headlining, but if you're interested in a sneak preview of We Were Set Up, please come early, as it will be playing throughout the night! Also, it's 18 and over, so if you're college-age or know someone who is, it's a rare opportunity to see us live.

Hope to see you soon!

~ Canasta

Saturday, August 20th
@ Beat Kitchen

" Turns One!"

Penthouse Sweets
Matthew Kerstein
(of The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir)
Eric Chial
(of The Bon Mots)
More TBA

18 & Over!!!
Show - 8:30 PM / Canasta - 11:30 PM
Beat Kitchen - 2100 W. Belmont - Chicago