(sent on 2005-07-14)

Hey everybody!

Friday Night at Schubas
Just a quick reminder... We're playing at Schubas tomorrow night (Friday, 7/15). We're going on second (at 11:30 pm) and we'll be flanked by Neva Dinova and Mayday (on Saddle Creek, featuring members of Cursive and Head of Femur). The show's received some nice press this week, including a write-up in The Onion that bemoans the fact that Neva Dinvoa's been making great music for a long time, yet somehow seems to have missed out on much of the attention thrown at other members of the Saddle Creek/Omaha family (Bright Eyes and The Faint, for example). Well, one show with Canasta and that's all about to change! Heh. But seriously, we'd love to see you, so come hang out!

Personal Profiles
One of the unique things about Canasta is that all six members are major contributors to the songwriting process. So in each and every song, one can usually hear the personalities and influences of each of us. And so while many of you came to know the band through a single member, we thought it was time for you to get to know *all* of us. So if you haven't yet checked our personal profiles, please do. You can find the links to all six at:

Thanks and perhaps we'll see you tomorrow night!

~ Canasta

Friday, July 15
@ Schubas


Show: 10:30 pm / Canasta: 11:30 pm
$8 (buy tickets) / 21+

3159 N. Southport (Belmont & Southport) - Chicago