(sent on 2005-05-06)

Hey everyone,

Canasta may be busy in the studio these days, but we're not disappearing from the live scene entirely. Our next show will be Friday, May 27, at Martyrs'. We'll be playing with 56 Hope Road, with whom we don't have a whole lot in common musically -- but we're excited because we've never played Martyrs' before and we think it'll be a great way to kick off the Memorial Day weekend. The venue's ambiance and sound are perfect for music like ours, so we were quite pleased when they let us hop on this bill. Some of you may be leaving town for the holiday, but for those of you that aren't, that weekend is notororiously short on stuff to do here in town, so you should definitely come hang out with us. We're on first at 10 pm sharp!

And again, don't forget to visit the audio page of our website (, where we've posted FREE and FULL MP3s of each and every track from Find the Time, along with studio demos, live covers and radio sessions. And if you've been thinking about turning some friends on to Canasta, go ahead and burn them copies of our CD! Since we've recently recouped the costs of making the album, we're now simply trying to spread the word about it!

Hope you're all enjoying the spring weather, and we'll see you soon.

~ Canasta

Friday, May 27
@ Martyrs'


$10 / 21+
Show: 10 PM / Canasta: 10 PM
Martyrs' - 3855 N. Lincoln Ave. - Chicago

Tickets: (800) 594-TIXX or