(sent on 2005-02-15)

Hey everybody,

First of all, some of you may have received a "test" e-mail from us the other day. Sorry about that -- you can ignore it. We're in the midst of changing the server for our website and mailing list, so some behind-the-scenes tinkering needed to be done. It shouldn't have gone out to all of you, though.

But more importantly: THIS FRIDAY, February 18, Canasta will be headlining THE METRO as part of the "Illinois Entertainer"/Q101's "Best of Around Hear" showcase, and we're hoping you can all make it. Opening up for us will be Magnus and The Bon Mots. The show starts at 9 PM, so you can count on us to go on stage sometime between 11 and 11:30.

And check this deal out: If you come before 9 PM with a ticket, you can get in absolutely FREE. After 9 PM with a ticket, it's $6. And without a ticket, it's $9. So obviously it's to your advantage to score a ticket. Which is why we've made it easy for you. Just go to, click Print, and you're all set. Anyway, this is likely the biggest show we've ever played so far, so bring lots of friends: we really want to make a good impression.

In other news: If anyone was listening to Q101 on Sunday night, you may have caught an interview we did for the Local 101 show. DJ Chris Payne then played our cover of "Major Tom (Coming Home)." (Some Q101 staffers were apparently confused by the fact that the Peter Schilling song is an homage to David Bowie's "Space Oddity," since we found a note in the studio that said "Canasta has a great version of Bowie's 'Starman.'" If only.) Also, for all you mp3 fans: two tracks that we played live on WLUW's Radio One program can now be found on our website's Audio page. Hurrah!

See you all on Friday!


and Q101's "Local 101" present
The 4th Annual

Friday, February 18th
3730 N. Clark


18 & Over Show - 9:00 PM / Canasta - 11:00 PM (ish)
FREE with ticket before 9:00 PM / $6 with ticket after 9:00 PM / $9 without ticket
Tickets available at and from members of the band.

Metro - 3730 N. Clark - Chicago

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