CANASTA - Jeff's Final Show: Sunday, 1/16 @ Schubas + PopMatters Review

(sent on 2005-01-06)

Hey Canasta fans,

It's 2005 and we're ready to keep rockin'. But along with the potential for an amazing year, comes some sad news as well. This next show looks as though it will be Jeff's last as our guitarist. He's leaving Canasta for an exciting business venture (check it out!), so we're in the midst of searching for a replacement.

The show is happening next Sunday, January 16 at Schubas. It's part of another cool indie-pop festival called "Tomorrow Never Knows", featuring bands like Head of Femur, The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, Catfish Haven, Palaxy Tracks, The Bon Mots, and Paper Airplane Pilots. But our bill will be headlined by Saturday Looks Good to Me (on Polyvinyl), whom we had the pleasure of supporting on Memorial Day. They've got a fun, summery, 60s pop sound that's kinda hard not to like. We'll be playing right before them, following The Impossible Shapes (psych-pop on Secretly Canadian) and The Dials (girl-group garage-pop), both of whom we're really excited to see. (Yes, we just used "whom" twice.) That's a killer lineup and it's the first time in a year we've played an official gig at Schubas, where the sound is terrific for this kind of music. AND it's an 18 and over show, which is rare for us. So bring all your college-age friends. Our last show at Schubas sold out, so please consider picking up tickets in advance.

In other news: Find the Time got another nice review (scroll down), this time from Michael Metivier writes that Canasta "plays bright and catchy songs to stick in your head" and that our "arrangements are smart and efficient." He singles out "Slow Down Chicago" ("a bouncy paean to the City of Broad Shoulders") and "Just a Star" ("Midwestern night music, riding Megan O'Connor's piano and Elizabeth Lindau's violin to bittersweet effect") and even throws in a comparison to The Pernice Brothers. We'll take it!

~ Canasta

Sunday, January 16, 2005
@ Schubas

"Tomorrow Never Knows Fest"

Show: 8pm / Canasta: 10pm / $10 / 18+

3159 N. Southport (Belmont & Southport) - Chicago

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