(sent on 2004-12-29)

Happy holidays!

Hope you've all been enjoying the late December festivities. Here's one more: Canasta will be appearing at the Beat Kitchen TOMORROW, December 30, as part of a fundraiser for the Tangerine Arts Group. We'll be playing THREE half-hour sets at the begining, middle, and end of the night (8:30 sharp, 10:15 & Midnight) and will be joined by six of the city's best (and our favorite) singer-songwriters: Edith Frost (on Drag City Records), Brandon Durham (of Palaxy Tracks), Zapruder Point, Eric Ziegenhagen, Daniel Knox, and Annie Higgins. It promises to be an amazing evening all around and a number of friends from out of town are planning to be there as well. So come early and stay late! Especially since most people seem to have Friday off work this year.

In other news: "Slow Down Chicago" is currently the #1 pop song on 15 Megs of Fame, a site dedicated to giving indie artists exposure through free streams and downloads. If you don't own a copy of Find the Time, check back there soon; we'll probably be posting other tracks from the record too.

And in still other news: The Illinois Entertainer previewed our last show a few weeks ago with some nice words about the band: "blissful chamber pop" that "cleverly uses any instrument it can get its hands on." Sounds good to us!

See you tomorrow night!

~ Canasta ~

Thursday, December 30th
@ Beat Kitchen

A Benefit for the Tangerine Arts Group
Edith Frost
Brandon Durham (of Palaxy Tracks)
Zapruder Point
Eric Ziegenhagen
Daniel Knox
Annie Higgins

$8 / 21+
Show - 8:30 PM (sharp!) / Canasta (3 sets) - 8:30, 10:15 & Midnight
Beat Kitchen - 2100 W. Belmont Ave. - Chicago, IL