CANASTA reviewed in "Sun-Times," sells 500th CD

(sent on 2004-05-21)

Some of our friends have already written to tell us, but if you haven't seen it yet, Canasta was featured in Friday's "Chicago Sun-Times." Esteemed rock critic Jim DeRogatis had this to say: "There's [a] cool Chicago anthem on 'Find the Time,' a splendid five-song EP by the chamber pop sextet Canasta, as well as a killer cover of "The Model" by Kraftwerk, emphasizing the key hook with violin instead of synthesizer. (The band also makes liberal use of piano and trombone.)" Our band photo also appeared in the music section of today's "Daily Herald." Nice!

In other news, "Find the Time" has now sold 500 copies, which is 1/1000 the sales of a certified gold record! At our Empty Bottle show last month, we announced that the person who purchased the 500th CD would win a special prize from the band. We can now let you know that the lucky fan is Megan Stemm-Wade, and she'll be receiving a homemade mix CD containing songs by some of our favorite bands, as well as original artwork by the six of us! Congratulations, Megan.