FREE CANASTA SHOW - Monday, 4/26 @ The Empty Bottle

(sent on 2004-04-08)

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us the other night at The Bottom Lounge. Obviously, we went on stage much later than we would've liked, but it was completely out of our hands, and we're sorry to those of you who had to wait so long. On a positive note, thanks to your support, the event managed to raise $2,500 for pediatric AIDS research. Good work!

And we've already got a next show lined up. We'll be playing Monday, April 26, at the Empty Bottle. As you know, we don't usually play twice in the same month, since we like to make each show an event -- but the Bottle was simply too cool to pass up. Points in this show's favor: 1) It starts at 9:30, and we're definitely first. 2) Parking will be way better. 3) It's absolutely FREE. Yes, that's right. It's something new the Bottle is doing on Monday nights.

The bands we're opening for are All City Affairs and headliners Beauty Pill, who are on Dischord Records. Despite sharing a label with punk legends Fugazi, they're actually a good match for us. If you want to get an idea of what they sound like, the Empty Bottle website has a feature called Jambox where you can stream mp3s of upcoming bands. Track 2 is Beauty Pill's "Goodnight for Real." (And while you're at it, track 7 is "Slow Down Chicago"!)

Hope to see you all there!

~ Canasta

Monday, April 26th
@ The Empty Bottle

(Dischord Records)

9:30 PM  /  FREE  /  21+

The Empty Bottle
1035 N. Western Ave. - Chicago
(about midway between Division St. and Chicago Ave.)