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News, news, news. New songs, new tour dates, and new Borat impressions (well, maybe just Colin — but it’s pretty good “Yakshemash!”). Not to mention the T-shirts that will be available soon. We’ve been busy. CMJ in New York was immediately followed by a great show with Voxtrot at Empty Bottle in early November. We also had a blast playing with Bound Stems and Rahim at The Note — but the big news is our December 8th show at Metro with The Dears and Young Galaxy. This show will kick off our December Midwest tour (the dates are listed to your left in the “On Tour” section) and we are hoping to be the first band to tour in a car won on “The Price is Right.” The car has already been won… how rock and roll would that be? We don’t actually know the answer to that question, but we know what Bob Barker would think.

Our hot new (and quite danceable) song called “Mexico City” is taking our mind off of the freezing temperatures in our rehearsal space and we have a few more tunes in the works too. They should be ready for performance very soon and we’re very excited to unveil them — just a little more tweaking… Please keep checking back for new photo sets, a music video, and new show dates — all of which are coming soon. We’ll see you at Metro and on the road!