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Just in time for those perfect stocking stuffers, we've been distributing our EP to local Chicago record stores. If you don't already have the EP, you now have another way to get your copy: just stop by Reckless, Laurie's Planet of Sound, Tower on Clark, or Val's Halla and pick one up. Happy Holidays!


We'd like to thank everyone who made it out to our EP release show on 12/6 - it was a fabulous turnout, including both familiar and new faces. Also thanks to The Like Young and Owen for a couple of great sets.

This past weekend, while Matt and Jeff were in New York playing 'bone with the Choir, Canasta was busy in Chicago securing their next performance: Schubas on Jan 10, opening for Stolie. After the holidays, be sure to brave the Chicago winter and come out for this one. There's a good chance our next live appearance won't be until spring.


Not only have we been putting a lot of time into our EP and a few new songs for the show tomorrow, but we've also been revamping the site! We have a whole new look and some ideas for new content in the near future, so be sure to check in to see what we're up to.


Canasta's first radio appearance snuck by almost unnoticed! We were featured on the Monday Music Corner of WBEZ 91.5 FM's "Eight Forty-Eight" this week. Steve Edwards was kind enough to give a brief but complimentary introduction followed by "Chance at Greatness" in it's entirety. Unfortunately, none of us caught it, as they aired the segment earlier than we exepcted. But we've tracked down the RealAudio audio archive. Hear how Steve Edwards describes Canasta and listen to the entire EP version of the song!

Its a busy week for us, though, as Canasta's next radio appearance is just around the corner. Be sure to tune in (via web or radio) to WLUW 88.7 FM this Friday at 5pm to hear us play a few songs and get interviewed by Nick Tristano of the "Full On Friday" show.