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Canasta has recently begun recording five songs with Paul Heintz, of
Midstates, in his studio. If you've had the pleasure of hearing their record, "Shadowing Ghosts", then you already know that his combination of vintage analog equipment, digital mixing tools and meticulous recording skills, is capable of creating a serious sonic wonderland. So we're obviously incredibly anxious to see and hear how that affects the sound and feel of our songs. If all goes well, you'll be taking Canasta music home shortly.


From Canasta's not too distant past, we've recovered a few photos taken by our friend Andy at the Freeze Tag Benefit CD Show last December for your viewing pleasure.


We had a great time playing at Subterranean and continue to be hugely grateful for all of the familiar faces that come out to see us. Considering we're a new band, our turnouts thus far have been nothing short of magnificent. And you should know that your continued support has already opened up some exciting opportunities for us concerning future gigs. So thank you.

Midstates and The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir were great bands with whom to share the cozy Sub-T stage. Half of Canasta even played
back-up on a SYGC song, contributing to the evening's terrific vibe.