CANASTA TOUR: Bent. Harbor (Ton.), St. Louis (Tom.), Cincy, Madison, Indy, Mnpls. + Chicago

(sent on 2010-09-17)


Beginning this very evening, if you live anywhere near any part of the country loosely resembling "The Midwest," then there will be no escaping the sweet refrains of Canasta echoing throughout the moonlit sky. So why not just bite the bullet and pay for a ticket to see the accompanying stage show? More specific details can be found here, but let's hit the basics, shall we?

Tonight, Friday, 9/17 (Tonight!) @ The Livery (Benton Harbor, MI)

Saturday, 9/18 (Tomorrow!) @ Riddles Penultimate (University City, MO)
"PLAY:stl 2010 Music Festival & Conference"

Friday, 9/24 @ Main Event (Cincinnati, OH)
"Midpoint Music Fest" w/ The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir

Saturday, 10/2 @ The Frequency (Madison, WI)
w/ The Acorn + Pezzettino

Sunday, 10/3 @ Beat Kitchen (Chicago, IL)
w/ Field Music + Death Ships

Thursday, 10/14 @ Locals Only (Indianapolis, IN)
"Broad Ripple Music Fest"

Wednesday, 10/20 @ 400 Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
w/ Black Prairie (members of The Decemberists)

Somewhere around mid-August, a number of CD orders started rolling in from The Netherlands. Uneducated beyond the most rudimentary stereotypes, we were convinced our music must have been featured over there in a commercial for magic brownies or TV's "Clog Dancing with the Stars." But a minor amount of detective work revealed that in fact, we'd received a rave review in that country's glossy alternative music mag, Heaven. If curious, you can read the entire translation here, but the gist is summed up nicely in this quote... "We are often amazed about the high quality of CD's (especially American) which are produced independently, but the somewhat dreamy orchestral pop from the Chicago band Canasta on The Fakeout, the Tease and the Breather, sounds so unbelievably good that no major label could improve it... This may seem like an exaggeration, but believe me, indiepop has seldom sounded so pretty as it does on this second album..." Jeez. Now we're blushing. Oh - and the Kalamazoo Gazette and South Bend Tribune said nice stuff too.

Back in May, we tried again and again to tell you how amazing the record release show was gonna be. And then it happened. And it was, indeed, amazing. Well, if you're one of the sorry souls who somehow managed to miss it, you're in luck. Our good buddy Gary Kupczak was there to photograph and film the entire thing. The video and audio from the event are forthcoming, but the pix are up now, here. In fact, we've finally gotten around to adding all sorts of new photos to the website. Check out the rest here. What's crazy is that the special moments captured therein can actually be experienced first-hand... by simply coming out to one of the upcoming gigs (see above)! And that, my friends, is called "bringing it all back around"...

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