CANASTA - Huge Update: Album Title! + Free Simon's Show (Sun. 1/3) + Twitter + More

(sent on 2009-12-28)

What's shakin', everybody? We've got lots of exciting stuff happening, so let's get right down to it...

THE ALBUM HAS A TITLE: THE FAKEOUT, THE TEASE AND THE BREATHER - That's right, folks... The new album is now close enough to completion to warrant an official title. We're still arguing about whether or not it requires a serial comma after "and," but hey - at least the six of us managed to come to an agreement on something. We're in the throes of mixing its eleven tracks right now and we've got a mastering sessions scheduled for 1/8, so we should have songs for you in just a few weeks. Stay tuned!!!

FREE SIMON'S SHOW - SUN. 1/3 (2 x 60 MIN. SETS) - If you've ever been to one of these Simon's shows before, then you know that it's about as intimate, loose and lively as any Canasta gig you'll see. We'll play just about everything we know (including most of our upcoming album), along with our infamous cover of Blackstreet's "No Diggity." And the start of your brand new year will be all the better for it. We'll play two completely different 60 min. sets at 9 and 10:30. Please note that Simon's not only serves homemade glögg all winter, but it's also one of just a few places around town to get the recently reinvigorated Murphy's Irish Stout on tap. Mmmm...

CANASTA'S ON TWITTER - I think that heading pretty much sums it up. Here's the link. And all six members of the band have access to the account, so I promise it won't always sound as though it was written by the not-so-mysterious narrator of these e-mails. We also promise to keep it short (gulp), so we'd be honored if you'd consider following us...

MYSPACE PLAYLIST: CANASTA'S INFLUENCES - I think I forgot to mention this before, but awhile back, we created a huge MySpace playlist of 83 (!) streamable songs that have influenced what rock historians will one day refer to as "The Canasta Sound." It covers everything from Air to Yo La Tengo and you're bound stumble across some new artists, as well as old favorites. Check it out here.

INTERVIEW / LIVE PERFORMANCE ON MAYBE HIP - Last month, we were invited out to a homemade TV studio in the outer reaches of Glenview for a live performance and interview over beers with the folks from the new Chicago culture / entertainment site, Maybe Hip. It resulted in nearly 25 minutes of music, mayhem and a demonstration of the differences between "The Running Man" and "The Dancing Man," which can be seen in full here.

CHITOWN NOTES WRITE-UP - Lastly, we recently received a kind write-up from the local blog, Chitown Notes, regarding our last Beat Kitchen show. The original entry can be found here, but this quote nicely sums up their enthusiasm: "...Having discovered them at a dive bar opening for 2 AM Radio a few years ago, they are a constant reminder to never be late for a show. For every horrible opening band that sends you packing to the bar to get out of earshot, there is a band like Canasta that you will be glad you stood around early for." See you at Simon's!

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Sunday, January 3rd
@ Simon's Tavern
(5210 N. Clark St. - Chicago, IL)


Free! // 21+
2 x 60 Min. Sets @ 9:00 & 10:30 PM
Presented by Last Alley Productions