CANASTA @ Green Music Fest (Sun.) + Madison (Sun.) + Benton Harbor (Next Sat. 8/22)

(sent on 2009-08-13)

Party people in the place to be...

1) CHICAGO'S "GREEN MUSIC FEST" (THIS SUN. 8/16) - Say what you will about Canasta, but don't you dare accuse of us being anything other than defenders of the Earth. To my point, this Sunday, we'll play the inaugural "Green Music Fest," in the West Town neighborhood's Eckhart Park. It's being presented by the Chicago Center for Green Technology and will raise funds to improve the park's playground facilities. Plus, vendors will only sell wares made from recycled products, the plastic cups will be completely biodegradable and the music will be powered by bio-diesel generators. Neat, huh? Canasta will kick it at 2:30 pm, followed by a line-up featuring the likes of Lucero, Murder by Death, and These United States. According to The Onion, "It's refreshing to see organizers take such a step forward in the green movement; if it's successful, it could herald change at the city's multitude of other festivals." Hear that, other fests?

2) MADISON, WI (THIS SUN. 8/16) + BENTON HARBOR, MI (NEXT SAT. 8/22) - If you live in either of these two cities, then the title tells you all you need to know... unless, of course, you also need details such as venues, start times, etc. Ok fine. This Sunday, immediately after rocking the above fest, we're hopping in the car and driving to Madison, WI to play the newest addition to its music scene: The Frequency. It's a last minute booking, so we'll be on first at 9 pm. Then next Saturday, we'll be Benton Harbor, MI at The Livery. We're the only band on that bill, so from 8 pm on, we'll pretty much be the only thing you hear and see. That could be a good thing...

3) KINDA LIKE A BIG DEAL IN GREECE? / OBAMA ON BASS? - Canasta recently received what is probably its glossiest, highest profile press write-up. It came in the form of an article in the latest issue of Greece's long-running Pop+Rock magazine, sent to us by our Greek "correspondent," Vasilis Bibas. The piece tours some notable U.S. cities and then chooses one band to best represent each. So along with The National (NYC), The Hold Steady (Minneapolis) and others, Canasta got the nod for Chicago, due to our "detailed and sophisticated body of songs." The author also insists "this is not a case of local overhype... you will be wondering just like me: How is it possible that these guys haven't got a major contract yet?" Nice. The funny part? As you'll notice in the image below, the mag chose to run a photo of Canasta with President Obama. For starters, it's funny that vocalist Matt Priest has been edited out of frame, while some significant others were not. What's funnier still is that at no point in the article does it bother explaining what Barack is doing in the band photo! And since he's from Chicago, a Greek reader without further info could very well infer that prior to the recent election, he was our bass player or something.

Canasta in Rock + Pop Magazine - Snippet

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Sunday, August 16th
"Green Music Fest"
@ Eckhart Park
(Chicago, IL)


Doors - Noon // Canasta - 2:30 PM // All Ages
$11.50 adv. // $15 gate // 2-day pass: $20 adv. // Tickets

Presented by the Chicago Center for Green Technology
Benefiting the West Town Chicago Chamber of Commerce


Sunday, August 16th
@ The Frequency
(Madison, WI)


Show - 9 PM // Canasta - 9 PM
$5 // 21+


Saturday, August 23rd
@ The Livery
(Benton Harbor, MI)


Show - 8 PM // Canasta - 8 PM
$10 // 21+


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