CANASTA @ Schubas Tom. (FREE) + Derogatis, Tribune & AllMusic Press

(sent on 2008-07-25)

Hear ye, hear ye!

Just a reminder that Canasta's headlining an irony-free, gluten-free, Train-free, PRICE-FREE rock show tomorrow night (Sat.) at Schubas. The place will fill up quickly, so arrive early to ensure entry! Brighton, MA plays earlier, so it's not like getting there on time will be a bad thing. Sadly though, it'll be Colin Sheaff's last show as a Canasta-nette (although Megan will be manning the piano at this show and we've been saying that about her for years, so who knows?) But Colin's been in the band since day one, so please come see him off. Maybe he'll toss his drumsticks into the crowd or something.

In other news, Canasta managed to score a bunch of nice, unsolicited press this week, including a glowing review by the legendary All Music Guide (that throws around words like "mesmerizing" and "stunning"), a short piece in the Chicago Tribune and a new photo and interview / feature by Jim Derogatis in the Chicago Sun-Times. Dero calls our stuff "effortless, effervescent pop that doesn't call undue attention to its carefully constructed layers of intertwining melodies" and includes us on a list of the Chicago underground's best bands. Not bad... we'd sorta given up on him awhile ago, thinking maybe he just hated the trombone.

Lastly, for our Wisconsin brothers and sisters, we'll be playing the historic Geneva Theater in Lake Geneva on Friday, 8/22. We'll remind you again as the date gets closer, but details are below. And hey, if you haven't seen it yet, don't forget to revel in the surreality of hearing "Slow Down Chicago" in the trailer for Diminished Capacity. Whoa...

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What are the members of Canasta into these days, you ask? Today, we check in with Ian...
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Saturday, July 26th
@ Schubas


Show - 10 PM / Canasta - 11:30 PM
FREE! / 21+

Friday, August 22nd
@ The Geneva Theater
(Lake Geneva, WI)


Show - 8 PM / Canasta - 9 PM
$6 adv. / $7 door / All Ages / Tickets