CANASTA - Beat Kitchen on 12/30

(sent on 2006-12-15)


If you've been into Canasta for awhile, you know that we usually try to do a show around the holidays: an annual gift to our fans. This year is no exception. On Saturday, December 30, we'll be playing the Beat Kitchen, headlining an awesome bill that features some of our favorite performers in Chicago: power-pop act Warm Ones, singer-songwriter Eric Ziegenhagen, and comedian Robert Buscemi, who will serve as the night's emcee.

It's an early show, and we do mean early: everything kicks off at 5 pm, and we'll go on around 6:45. (Which is just as well: you'll have plenty of time to rest up for the next day's NYE festivities.) Expect to hear some old Canasta songs of yore in the set, along with a new tune or two that'll knock your socks off. We're already guaranteeing a 20% increase in holiday cheer.

See you soon!

Saturday, December 30
Beat Kitchen

and your host

Showtime: 5 PM / Canasta: 6:45 PM
$8 / 18+ / Tickets
2100 W. Belmont, Chicago, IL