CANASTA - TOMORROW, Wed. April 1 @ Empty Bottle

(sent on 2006-02-28)

Hey everyone,

Just a reminder that your favorite indie-pop band is appearing tomorrow night at the illustrious Empty Bottle, along with summery pop act Charlemagne and rockers Swearing at Motorists. We're playing first, at 9:30 PM, so make sure you get there good and early to partake in the cheap beers. And, umm, see us. It should be awesome.

In other news, we received a nice review of We Were Set Up from the Chicago FreePress recently. In an article about new local albums that lumps us in with Kanye West and Wilco (!), Gregg Shapiro writes, “Canasta plays their cards right by expanding on what made their EP Find the Time so charming. Matt Priestís vocals and the bandís solid musicianship bring Priestís delightful bakerís dozen of pop tunes to vivid life.”

Stay tuned for some exciting news from us in the near future. And we'll see you at the show!


Wednesday, March 1
@ Empty Bottle
Chicago, IL


Showtime: 9:30 PM / Canasta: 9:30 PM
$8 / Advanced tickets / 21+
Empty Bottle - 1035 N. Western Ave. - Chicago, IL