CANASTA: Hoot Night at Schubas THIS THURSDAY!

(sent on 2004-09-14)

Hey everybody,

Thanks for coming out to see us this weekend -- especially those of you we didn't get a chance to say hi to after the show! We had a lot of fun performing for so many new fans.

Our next live appearance will be this Thursday, September 16, at Schubas. Now stay tuned, because this won't be an ordinary Canasta show.

We will be performing as part of Hoot Night, an event organized and hosted by local musician Thomas Dunning. At Hoot Night, a theme is chosen, and a handful of musicians perform two cover songs based on that theme. The event was held on a semi-regular basis in Chicago for several years, featuring acts as notable as Robbie Fulks and members of The Waco Brothers and The Aluminum Group. Last year, unfortunately, Dunning moved to Ireland and took Hoot Night with him. But he's currently back in town and has decided to revive the event, and he's invited Canasta to take part!

The theme this time around is "Tom, Dick, and Harry," which means participants will be covering songs either written by people with one of those names, or that mention one of those names. We'd tell you which songs we're doing, but we're sworn to secrecy! Guess you'll have to show up to find out. You'll want to hang out, anyway, because we're playing with some pretty cool people, including our friend Dan Zapruder, and members of the bands Frisbie, Lambchop, and Poi Dog Pondering. (See below for the full list!) It's a great honor to have been invited to play, and it should be quite a night.

See you on Thursday!


Thursday, September 16th
@ Schubas Tavern

The Triumphant Return of Thomas Dunning's
Elizabeth Conant
Jacquie Krupka (of The Plunging Necklines) and Joie de Diva
Joseph Cassidy (of Assassins)
Thomas Negovan (of Ver Sacrum)
Nora O'Connor (Bloodshot Records)
Catherine Smitko
Tommi Zender (of Trinkets of Joy)
Dag Juhlin (of The Slugs)
Steven Frisbie (of Frisbie)
Michael Ross
Steph Turner (of Cowlily)
Deanna Varagona (of Lambchop)
Dan Zapruder
Susan Voelz (of Poi Dog Pondering)
Tom Dunning and Your Boyfriends

$10 / 21+ / 8PM
Schubas Tavern - Belmont and Southport - Chicago, IL