T H A N K S !

(sent on 2003-03-26)

Greetings Canastanettes... We just wanted to drop you a note thanking y'all for the AMAZING turnout at our show last Monday. There were over 75 of you present! That's well above the expected turnout for any band on a Monday night at a club like that. The venue was impressed, the other bands were impressed and we in Canasta were completely blown away. So thank you. It was an intimidating evening and it was so nice to look out and behold the sea of friendly, smiling faces belonging to you people. We're incredibly lucky to have supportive friends like you and we're determined to work hard, record our material, play out more often and hopefully, turn you all into full-fledged fans. Also, I wanted to let you know that we're about to place another order for some more Canasta magnets. They may be the same as those handed out at the show, or they may simply say, "I (Heart) Canasta". We'll see. When we told everyone coming to that show that we'd be giving each and every one of you a free magnet, we had ordered 45 and figured that would be enough to do so. But we were wrong. So, if you were at the show and did not receive one, please write us back and let us know. Be sure to include your address and we'll send you one as soon as the new batch arrives, OK? That's all for now. We haven't got any shows currently planned, but we may try to play something in late April. Obviously, we'll keep you posted. We're also set to do some recording in late April as well. So it shouldn't be too long before we have some recorded material to pass along to you. Thanks again, take care and please continue to support local, tuneful, majestic, chamber pop! Sincerely, Colin, Elizabeth, Jeff, John, Matt & Megan CANASTA - http://www.canastamusic.com