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After an amusing series of fiascos that involved John's car breaking down near Pontiac, Illinois, and a two-hour delay because of a folk concert upstairs from the venue, our show at Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington went surprisingly well. Our friends Velvetron started off the night with a bang, interspersing their post-rockish songs with a mock lecture entitled Velvetron 101. (Colin added to the academic vibe by recreating our logo on a chalkboard that happened to be in the room.) As midnight drew near, we were afraid the audience had had their fill of the rock, but as we made our way through our set, we were pleased to see that the few dozen attendees stayed and sat perfectly rapt throughout. It was definitely one of the best crowds we've ever had. So thanks to Barret Buchholz for setting up the show; we had an awesome time.