Photo of JoshLava

Name: Josh Lava

Instruments: Drums, piano, voice and guitar

Height: A bit less than I'd prefer

Ethnicity: Ambiguous

Best Concert Attended: Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter in a duo performance at Symphony Center. Then Joe Lovano had to play 2nd and ruin the night.

Best Part About Being in a Band: Having a context in which being emotive and expressive is welcomed and encouraged, not unlike being drunk in many ways. Though I don't really drink anymore -- terrible for the cords, you know.

Hardest Part About Being in a Band: Having to commit to one idea, one vision, one song, etc, at a time, and not being able to do everything at once.

Desert Island Recordings:
The Beatles - Abbey Road
Jeff Buckley - Grace
Glenn Gould - The Goldberg Variations (1981 version!)
John Coltrane - A Love Supreme
Bill Evans - Conversations with Myself
And when things get particularly grim on the island, I'll pop on a Wilco album so that I'll at least look forward to my impending demise.

Favorite Foods / Game Shows: The Japanese own these categories

Random Tidbits:
-- I can name all presidents in chronological order, though I probably can't cite a single piece of legislation they've sponsored.
-- I have grapheme-color synesthesia. "A" and "G" are both red, both are adjacent keys on the piano, and yes, that gets a little interesing sometimes.